Once upon a time, there was a clan named SHIBUKI that protects The Garden and they lived side by side with the humans and befriend them. They lived in peace and harmony until one day, there were an unknown dark forces trying to destroy The Garden abruptly.
SHIBUKI clan fought many battles to defeat the unknown dark forces but unfortunately their power wasn’t comparable to their enemies. To a certain extent SHIBUKI clan was overwhelmed and The Garden almost fell to the unknown dark forces. In the critical moment, SHIBUKI clan made a huge sacrifice by taking the potions that would turned them into a powerful mutant.
Rumours from centuries ago, the potions were made out of the extraction of the first White Bone that formulated by Gods from the north when they created the universe. Thus, when the shibukis drank the potions, they turned into a half shiba half human formed, very strong, intelligent and able to execute magic power.
SHIBUKI clan won the battle at last and reclaimed The Garden from the unknown dark forces hands, but the potion on their bodies remains and changed their form forever as if they’re cursed. On the other hand, the humans were grateful for their dedication to protect The Garden and honouring them by changing the garden’s name to The Mutant Garden.
Thousands years had passed since then, which makes SHIBUKI clan became a popular super hero myth and lullaby from generation to generation. The humans are now collecting SHIBUKI artwork to honour their heroic sacrifice and the history behind it.
Providing a community for Shibuki people in the launch stage.
Give access for more people to join the community
Will do collaboration project and marketing by influencers
After 50% of the project sold will give 10 Bobu for free
After all sold out we will buy Mutant Shiba/Azuki as passive income or treasury for the community
Alpha call for degen project and also giving discord access from blue chip project
The Pack Leader
The Troublemaker
The Brain
The Nomad